Police Station


Constable Nero fiddled with his badge on his uniform and straightened his hat, using the reflection in the glass of the Police Station door before taking a deep breath and stepping inside. His hopes of a quiet entry quickly faded when the door excessively creaked as he slowly opened it, and continued to screech loudly the further he pulled it open. He stopped it where the gap was just enough to let himself in, before releasing the door, which promptly screeched and slammed shut behind him.

The receptionist met him with a wide-eyed stare before looking down at her files. “You must be Constable Nero. The Superintendent was expecting you.” She stated. Nero gulped as he walked up to the counter. “He’s in his office”, she informed.

Nero entered the Superintendent’s office, and immediately felt his stomach cramp. He was in trouble. Again. Superintendent Lockart stood up from his desk, his eyes scanning the young policeman, drawing an imaginary line from his badge to his cap with his eyes. Lockart sighed, “Edward.”

Nero felt sick in the gut as he looked at Lockart, he was a towering figure who probably could’ve used a gym membership over the last couple of decades, his head bearing beady eyes, a round nose and a pair of extra-large cauliflower ears. He reached to his desk to pick up a couple of documents from his desk, after which he reached his hand to the collar of his shirt as he cleared his throat.

“Constable Nero,” he began. “Last week you were involved in a high speed pursuit which resulted in the deaths of two men, and a serious injury of a third. Now this is a serious incident which could potentially end your career! On the positive side though, with your assistance we managed to bust nearly a million dollars worth of drugs from those dealers, and that has earned you the gratitude of not only me but some other friends in high places. The only thing I’m annoyed about is this ludicrous report.”

Lockart cleared his throat again. “For example, the initial reason of the high speed pursuit, was because the driver ‘failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign’.”

“I told you, when I flicked on my siren and lights they chucked a bag of white powder out the window and drove off past me in the opposite direction.”

“You pursued them at an incredibly fast speed”

“Well, I have done faster.” Nero piped.

“Ed! The speed you were doing was extremely dangerous!”

“Okay, I will admit I did exceed the speed limit slightly”

“You were doing two-hundred and forty kilometres per hour!”

“Well I had to do a u-turn, and I didn’t want to lose them, so I caught up to them as quickly as possible.”

“Look, that’s beside the point.” Lockart stated. “Now because of your help, we did bust a massive amount of drugs which could’ve been sold on the streets over the next few weeks. Now as you know, if your vehicle was not decelerating as the car in front lost control and crashed, you will be prosecuted.”

Nero gulped as Lockart continued. “But, the patrol car accompanying you completely lost sight of you after you took off, and as your camera and other data on board your own patrol car had some severe technical problems, we have no proof to prosecute you.”

A sigh of relief emitted from Nero. “You were lucky today, Constable” Lockart informed. “Please try and stay out of trouble as best as you can. You have potential to do great things – and I hope that they are more than just spectacular crashes.”

Nero nodded, and the Superintendent dismissed him. The front door of the police station fared him goodbye with some extremely loud screeches and crunches. Nero turned to the receptionist, who was trying to talk on the phone, and said. “You should probably oil this up a little.”